On why Plus Two should have English – II re-examination


I am glad with the recent Order from the Cabinet asking the Bhutan Council for School Examinations and Assessment (BCSEA) to review the decision not to conduct re-examination of the leaked Class XII English Paper II. Another happy news is that the BCSEA’s Secretary Kinga Dakpa has told the media that the Board will soon meet to review the decision as desired by the Cabinet.

I neither know what the Cabinet desire, nor do I know what the Board will decide upon reviewing. However, I am at least glad that the Cabinet did not like the BCSEA’s decision – “not to re-write exam”.

Without much exclamation on how and why paper was leaked, I would like to consider my feelings on this important issue: whether plus two student should sit for re-examination?

The straightforward answer is YES. Few parents, students, and alike would be happy to do away with the re-examination either because they are the beneficiaries or because they are good in English I. However, my personal feeling is that every action need to be justified from the social and legal point of view.

Every students does not equally perform good in both English I and English II. Some are good in English I and some are good in English II. Supposing that the student is bad in English I and that his/her English score depends on English II, how are we justified to presume his/her performance based on English I? This would means evaluating based on incomplete criteria.

With re-examination, BCSEA will have to bear economic expenditure both pre and post examination – printing of papers, invigilators’ fees and expense, evaluation cost, etc. and etc. are some examples. Similarly, students may have to bear nominal expense because they have to travel back to their places of study. However, this economic burden will have to weigh along with other benefits.

I have heard that many teachers volunteered to “check and mark” the papers for free of cost; meaning that the BCSEA need not have to bear travelling cost and daily subsistence allowance for evaluating English II Papers. With this altruistic volunteerism, perhaps BCSEA just need to burden the printing cost of the papers.

I have also talked with few teachers and students on this issue. All of those whom I have talked are with re-examination. It seems to be that the re-examination will provide student with satisfaction.

If Board decide for re-examination, I presume that the Board will also provide students with enough time to revisit their books. At least a week(s) so that the students sit together with their subject teacher and discuss. We forget what we read, and re-reading is important for all.


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