Losar – Home Adventure: a Journey of Thousand Happiness

Almost after Eight Years, I have visited my beautiful home village. For those of you who are interested to know my home village, it is logical to introduce my birth place. I was born in a typically best place on earth, and perhaps, almost all would describe our own birth place as one of the most beautiful places on the planet. However, my village is a place of distinct nature composed of just ten households. It’s a tiny village, yet people are happy in every single day of their lives. They would frequently gather – almost once a day – to drink, to talk, and to play. It is a place where people always love to sing, dance and have fun. The social gathering takes place now and then. That’s my home village – known as Regi – located under Khar Gewog, Pemagatshel Dzongkhag. Who on earth would not love to visit such kind of places? I would, and I am confident you and everyone would love to.

On 14/02/2014, I started my happiest journey of my life. As I travelled via Assam and West Bengal, there was no excitement but a fear. My sleepy wife, brother, and mother-in-law did not really accompany me but gives me a loud snore. My old car was jerking when accelerating more than 80 KM/Hour. After six hours of drive, I read the signboard “Rangia 25 KM” and my real pleasure began. Reached Samdrupjongkhar and I truly felt home because of people and the environment there. Without much rest, we continued our journey.

Being a small community, our culture to see the guest is very unique. Everyone will go to see the guest together. Just about 30 minutes of my arriving home, people came to see me, each carrying Ara and Bangchang (locally brewed wine). More than Ara, it was amazing to see each of them carrying a big smile to greet me. That was a wonderful feeling.

As they welcome me, they planned to play Doekar – a commonly played traditional game in my village. To make the event more interesting, I have bought few kilograms of beef, few bottles of juice and wine. As men start playing Doekar, women came with Ara and Bangchang, watch and cheers as we play. Things were beautiful and the real happiness can be seen in the villages.

As we finished playing, we planned for next program. Losar – the Bhutanese New Year – is to be celebrated more than anything else. Man wanted to continue playing Doekar but woman rejected the plan. They want to play Kolokpa. As planned, we played Kolokpa.

Playing, drinking, and chatting are reasons for their gathering. Moving from one house to another, we continued drinking, singing, and laughing. Nothing could be happier than reflecting back the time we had together for a very short span of time.



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