Children in Winter: Are they Engaged?

17 December is nearing, and this hour of time is really busy time for teachers and students throughout Bhutan. Some students are just finished with exams and free at home, some still doing and excited to enjoy holidays, and some preparing for common board examinations. As we celebrate our National Day, the entire school will remain close for almost two very long period of months, and children will be free from school. This is a deserving long break, both for teachers and students, because I know how busy schools are during the academic sessions.

Winter holiday is a good break for teachers and students. However, I am bit worried. Not all children will be kept engaged. Not many children will help their parents. Not many will read books. Not many will do valuable activity. When people don’t have work, laziness prompt us to do different things, and those different things are sometimes weird.

I am worried. Not because students are enjoying holidays but because we don’t do enough for our children. What will they do during winter? Do we have enough playground to keep our children engaged? Do our parents possess a sense of responsibility to keep children engaged? Do Ministry of Education have adequate plans and programs to ensure every children are engaged? I am not sure. The most accurate answer would be “not likely”. And this is why many children comes into conflict with the laws during winter. Police are made busier during winter, detention centers will be crowded, and city will be unsafe for evening walk.

In fact, children studying in the rural schools will be very happy as much as their parents are. Rural school going children certainly help their parents during vacation. I have done it, and I have seen it as well. Urban school children however don’t have any job. This gives room for them to break the laws. And we adults would judge today’s youth as irresponsible, druggies, and offenders. We suddenly become a judge and say they are wrong. In fact, we adults are responsible for their weird act of business. The policy makers are equally responsible for not keeping them occupied throughout. We are responsible for sending them to the detention. Perhaps, we could together move away from this scene and make our children a better citizen. Also, more than adults doing for the youths, it is equally important that children understand good and bad and be responsible. Parents will be happy to see their children doing well, community will be safe, and Bhutan will see bright children. I Wish them all a very happy and peaceful 2015 winter.


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